Grout & Tile Specialist in Pacific Palisades

Grout & Tile Specialist Professional Cleaners is a full service company located in the Pacific Palisades, CA.  Our new mission is to be safe, green, and environmentally cleaner.  We have always provided the latest methods to clean, restore and repair all areas of your home and office.  The more non-toxic cleaners that are used on earth, the better. We offer a complete package of services you can trust.  Grout & Tile Specialist Pacific Palisades Pros have integrity, training and cutting edge equipment.  Our employees will arrive on time, in uniform and ready to perform quality work. There will not be hidden charges and we explain what needs to be done.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Pacific Palisades Includes,Tile Cleaning, Tile Sealing, Grout Cleaning, Grout Restoration Pacific Palisades, Grout Sealer and more.


Questions? Call us to discuss any questions or Tile & Grout problems you have.

Call us toll FREE at: (888) 691 - 3433

Never get an answering service or a recording. You'll always talk with us live! 
competitively priced services, offering skilled work on all your needs regards Tile & Grout Cleaning Services.



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Grout Restore
Grout Restore
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Tile Cleaning
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Tile Sealing